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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4) REVIEW

[ad_1] OUR LATEST VIDEOS No video game has ever made me physically perspire to the degree Ace Combat has, ever since I played AC04 endlessly on my PS2 – it was the only game I had for a few months when I first received the console. The cutting-edge visuals, roaring …

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Apple hints at new ‘smart ring’ and glass-covered iPhone

[ad_1] Credit: PatentYogi (edited) Ugh, the Gregorian calendar is so boring. That’s why we’re disrupting monthly series with a lunar cycle-based series about the best patents of the last synodic month, picked by the PatentYogi team. Get ready when that moon gets gibbous, y’all. This December-ish roundup lands on the …

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Showing the magic of science, CU Wizards returns Jan. 26 | CU Boulder Today

[ad_1] For over three decades, the CU Wizards program has presented free monthly shows featuring lively demonstration experiments to entertain and inform children about the wonders of science. The 36th annual series returns Saturday, Jan. 26, running through Saturday, June 22. These interactive shows are presented one Saturday per month throughout the academic …

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Drones vital in superfast broadband rollout

[ad_1] Drones are playing a vital role in the delivery of much-needed superfast broadband to some of England’s most remote areas, as well as helping farmers fight back against rural crime. Northumberland-based technology and communications company Alncom is harnessing the power of UAVs for its ground-breaking work in connecting isolated …

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