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JD.com claims to have pulled off first government-approved drone delivery in South East Asia


JD.com has successfully pulled off a government-approved drone delivery in Indonesia, believed to be the first in South East Asia.

The test flight took place on January 8 in West Java, Indonesia, where the drone flew from Jagabita Village, Parung Panjang to MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School to deliver backpacks and books to students. The items delivered by drone were part of a larger donation of supplies from JD.com to the school.

The Chinese e-commerce company hopes this pilot will open the door for future commercial drone use in Indonesia and the South East Asia region, subject to further regulatory approvals.

“It is a privilege to have contributed to this important moment in Indonesia’s history,” said Jon Liao, the chief strategy officer at JD.com.

“We have been using drones for real deliveries in China for over two years now, and have seen the profound impact that the technology can have on people’s lives around the country. We look forward to working closely with WEF and the Indonesian government to realize the full potential of this technology, and provide more convenience to Indonesian citizens.”

Drone deliveries have been tested around the world. In 2017, UPS successfully tested a drone in the US that launched from the roof of a vehicle, delivered a package and returned while the driver of the said vehicle continued along a route to make a separate delivery, while Amazon tested its first drone delivery in a year before.

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