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Paramount Group unveils swarm-capable N-Raven drone

Although several trade fairs have been cancelled recently, IDEX 2021 is a major event for manufacturers, who will be unveiling numerous innovations.

Paramount Group took advantage of the IDEX show to unveil its N-Raven UAV, described as a remotely operated munition that can be deployed as part of a swarm. The drone can be used for reconnaissance missions, but can also be armed to conduct precision strikes, supporting ground troops and limiting the vulnerability of manned platforms. The N-Raven UAV was developed in line with the concepts of warfare of the future, where drones, missiles, remotely operated munitions and aircraft will coexist.


The N-Raven UAV was designed to meet a complete range of needs, and can be deployed from different types of platforms, from a land-based installation, a Navy ship or directly from an aircraft.

Weighing 41 kilos, the N-Raven munition can travel at 180 km/h and has an endurance of up to 2 hours. It can also carry a payload weighing up to 15 kilograms and can neutralize a target within a radius of 250 km.

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