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Turkish F-16 Knocks Down Target Drone With New Indigenous Air-To-Air Missile

President Recep Erdoğan announced the successful missile test on Twitter yesterday, sharing a video and noting that Turkey had now joined a select group of countries that have successfully developed air-to-air missile technology. The Bozdoğan, which is broadly similar in appearance to the latest AIM-9X Sidewinder, features a high-resolution dual-color …

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This Giant Drone Will Soon Soar Over High Line

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NY — A sculpture that imitates a giant drone will be installed on the High Line this spring as the elevated park’s latest featured artwork, organizers announced Thursday. Dubbed “Untitled (drone),” the 25-foot-tall fiberglass sculpture by artist Sam Durant will arrive in May. Its home will be the …

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Wingcopter tests out Japanese drone delivery service

A commercial drone delivery service in Japan in 2022 is to use technology from a leading German developer. The Wingcopter fixed wing VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drone will be used to carry pharmaceuticals and other consumer products across Japan through a deal with ANA. ANA HD, which also owns All …

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Incredible drone footage shows eerie frozen village in Russia | News

A drone photographer captured incredible drone footage showing an eerie frozen village in Russia which is almost completely abandoned. Moscow-based journalist and photographer Maria Passer, 26, captured stunning footage of the frozen village of Severny, just outside of the town of Vortuka, northern Russia, which lies almost completely abandoned. The …

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