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“Remotely Flying Drones Anywhere” is Defined as the Core Business Strategy for the Enterprise Segment of Red Cat Holdings – sUAS News

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCAT) (“Red Cat” or the “Company”), a hardware enabled software provider to the drone industry, announced that the core business strategy for its Enterprise segment would be “Remotely Flying Drones Anywhere.” This strategy reflects a further leadership decision by Dr. Allan Evans, its newly appointed Chief Operating …

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Electric Plane Pioneer Backs Cargo Drones to Beat Flying Taxis

The man behind the only electric plane cleared to fly quickly discovered the challenges of converting world-leading technology into profits in a hotly contested, futuristic segment of aviation. Ivo Boscarol, owner of e-plane pioneer Pipistrel, saw a three-year partnership to develop a flying taxi with Uber Technologies Inc. dwindle in …

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QuadAir Drone Review: Foldable Lightweight Air Flying Drone?

Drones are gradually becoming an integral part of society. In recent times, they have been proven to support hard-to-reach rural/remote communities. Besides the latter, the relaxation that stems from watching them fly cannot be stressed enough. In what world can consumers neglect the fact that they too can become professional …

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Flying Drone Near Pipeline Could Soon Cost $4,000 in Louisiana

Photo: David McNew (Getty Images) Louisiana’s looking out to protect its pipelines and chemical plants from drone, raising the specter of nefarious climate protesters to pass the legislation. But the main pilots they’ve busted so far appear to be literal children. A bill before Gov. John Bel Edwards would seriously …

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