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2019 China tech look ahead: trade war likely to cast a shadow as AI, e-commerce, smartphone progress continues

[ad_1] The US-China trade war knocked the wind out of the Chinese hi-tech industry’s sails in 2018, threatening to slow down its expansion in everything from smartphones, wireless network equipment and self-driving cars to semiconductors, e-commerce and financial technology. While a 90-day ceasefire period is in place for negotiators to …

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Shoes, drones, scouts, shadow puppets and more – Big Boss Battle (B3)

[ad_1] Well, we did it. PAX Aus 2018 has been vanquished. The fight was long and hard, but the vicious beast of unplayed games were surrounded, studied, and slaughtered — with their carcasses dragged back to be plastered on the screen for you now! Here are some of our favourites …

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Trump has expanded Obama’s drone war to “shadow war zones.”

[ad_1] President Donald Trump has significantly increased the number of drone strikes in places the US is not technically at war, according to an analysis from The Daily Beast. In former President Barack Obama’s first two years in office, the US conducted 186 drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan, …

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Trump Ramped Up Drone Strikes in America’s Shadow Wars

[ad_1] The U.S. president inherited a remotely piloted weapon of death from his predecessor. In his earliest period in office, he used this lethal robot force promiscuously, sharply escalating attacks on suspected terrorists away from his declared wars. As time went on, his use of drone strikes in those places …

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