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This podcast is so boring it puts people to sleep. And that’s why insomniacs love it.

[ad_1] Drew Ackerman says he created “Sleep With Me” to literally bore listeners to sleep. (J.J. Alcantara/The Washington Post; iStock) The problem with a good podcast is that it is interesting. That is, it’s a problem if you’re an insomniac trying to lull yourself to sleep. And that’s where “Sleep …

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Meet the woman who tells bedtime stories to adults to put them to sleep

[ad_1] Putting millions of people to sleep became a dream job for this British writer. Phoebe Smith — a U.K.-based award-winning travel writer and author — suffered from insomnia for years. That is, ironically, until she started camping out for work, which entailed roughing it on mountain tops, in caves …

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Combatting my insomnia through ‘Sleep with Me’ – Student Life

[ad_1] Combatting my insomnia through ‘Sleep with Me’Student LifeWhen I woke up about an hour later, the next episode, “Game of Thrones Drones,” a slow, winding, recap of the most recent “Game of Thrones” episode, was playing. I turned my phone on silent and fell asleep peacefully for the rest …

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