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10 best free Tank warfare & battle games for Windows 10 PC

[ad_1] Of all big machines capable of destruction, tanks have been the toughest. While drones, missiles, big guns, etc. have their own appeal, no one can deny that tanks are game changers in wars. Tanks are perfect boys-toys, and though all of us cannot join the armed forces, video games …

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China fills gap left by US in Middle East military drone market, British think tank says

[ad_1] China plays a significant role in the supply of military drones to Middle East countries, especially those that are barred from importing them from the United States, a British think tank has said. The Royal United Services Institute said in a report that China has filled a void left …

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China is driving use of armed drones in Mideast, says British think tank

[ad_1] BEIRUT — The use of armed drones in the Middle East, driven largely by sales from China, has grown significantly in the past few years with an increasing number of countries and other parties using them in regional conflicts to lethal effects, a new report said Monday. The report …

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Vopak using drones and robots in Singapore tank terminal operations

[ad_1] Dutch tank storage firm Vopak is developing innovation pilots in Singapore with the use of drones and robots to achieve smart tank terminal operations. The pilots completed in recent months in Singapore included using a robot to inspect an in-service tank at Sebarok island. Vopak has also rolled out …

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Don’t substitute robust medical supplies delivery system for drones – Think tank

[ad_1] The Africa Centre for Health Policy (ACeHP) is advising the government against substituting the medical drones with a robust infrastructure for the delivery of medical supplies. ACeHP says the needed infrastructure for the delivery of medical supplies has been non-existent for ages, a situation that continues to stifle efforts …

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