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The best open-world games on PC


While Grand Theft Auto 3 basically pioneered the 3D open-world game, GTA 5 is the culmination of everything Rockstar wanted to achieve with that innovative experience. The ridiculously large area of San Andreas is your playground, including the LA-inspired city of Los Santos, and it’s one of the most detailed open-world regions seen before or since in a game. There are easter eggs, stores, sports, and countless side missions to occupy you wherever you end up.

With three completely different dysfunctional characters to choose from in the story, all with their own calamitous problems and selfish motivations, exploring Los Santos suddenly becomes a very characterful experience. The missions are well-designed and varied, not to mention well-written. Then again, you could forget the missions entirely and try one of the many side activities, like golf, tennis, or drug-fuelled rampages. Or just grab a car and explore the incredibly detailed world with the excellent soundtrack blasting away – before bombing down Mount Chiliad and seeing how far you can get before your ride blows up.

If that’s not enough, there’s also GTA Online, which builds on what’s great about the sandbox game and adds dozens of other players – introducing them to races, heists, battle royale, biker gangs, and an much more. There are even GTA 5 mods, which allow you to do all of this as Superman or Magneto, create weapons that fire cows, or just drop random whales from the sky. Who needs a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release date?

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