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[VIDEO] Automated Drone Ties Rebar

SkyMul has announced its third prototype of SkyTy, the world’s first automated rebar tying aerial robot. According to a report in Suas News, the SkyTy system consists of a ground unit, a SkyTy mapper drone, and numerous worker drones. Each drone can land, tie, and take off regardless of the other, according to the company.

To use the SkyTy drone, a rodbuster technician first marks the extent of the area needed for tying rebar. The mapper drone automatically flies over the area, and uses its sensors to build a map of the rebar. 

In step two, a worker drone automatically ties the mapped rebar together. If a drone or its tie tool breaks, it can be swapped out for a spare. The rodbuster technician uses a semi-automated interface to verify grid spacing and placement accuracy of the placed rebar. This UI enables the user to ensure the quality of the rebar in a few minutes. 

Though this interface takes up a few minutes of the technician’s time they are able to visualize, verify, and resolve placement deviation.

According to Suas News, rebar tying is a repetitive, and “surprisingly dangerous” job. Workers are bent over most of the time they tie rebar, causing various musculo-skeletal injuries. 

Source: SkyMul, Suas News

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